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The Company

When operating internationally it is essential that the materials are well written and error-free, whether the text you have is an article, advertisement or a user manual, to give some examples.

Since your products and professional expertise are world-class, the text must reflect the same high level of quality. With proper materials, business in the globalized world becomes easy.

Logoteknia is a youthful, yet experienced translation agency. We provide translations into most large languages, proofreading and interpreting services.

Our translators are native speakers or highly qualified experts of their respective target languages, who provide timely translations ready for use. saving your professional time for other tasks.

We are an agile translation agency, and no assignment is too small or difficult for us to handle. Whether you require translation of advertising material, technical documentation, legal or medical texts we are the agency for you. We provide personal service and are happy to assist you in all language-related problems you might have.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland.